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Lack of Financial KPI can lead to business failure

Posted by Robert Trupe

Personal Success of any position requires three components.

  • 1. Proper Training
  • 2. Proper Tools
  • 3. The Desire to complete the task

I would contest that if it is a lack of training or tools, the responsibility sometimes falls back to the company as well as the individual. Tools and Training are the easiest problems to solve. However, if the missing piece is lack of desire, it is difficult to help one succeed.

Accounting is a track record of how business has performed in the past. Poor accounting practices, many times get in the way of company growth. Accurate history provides a bird's eye glimpse into the future when using proper forecasting and budgeting techniques.

Even in down times, profitability can be proactively managed with the KPI Stategy. Key Performance Indicators need to be readily available to know if there is an internal problem or change in market conditions.Executive Dashboards

That being said, a solid accounting system will allow the development of business metrics and financial ratios which help monitor the growth of the company while maximizing profitability. Timely and Accurate data is needed for financial trends analysis as well as the business performance measurement. Again, accurate history is the key to understanding trends. If Financial KPI fall out of desired range, information needs to be readily available adjust business practices to maintain profitability.

KPI Examples:

KPI Examples 

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Proprietary Business Intelligence Analysis protection

Posted by Robert Trupe

Question: As a CleverQ software partner, can I create a special master X.QBD file for X industry and resell it as proprietary or intellectual property?

Answer: Yes, any proprietary information, methodologies of analyzing business, combination of business metrics or KPI, and business advice entered into a QBD(company) file by a company is fully protected. As a business consultant, proprietary business intelligence analysis may be stored in a CleverQ data file, and sold to a client to include proprietary information.

CleverQ web dashboard is specifically designed as study group software as well as company benchmarking for chains and franchises whom need to protect their business key metrics and comparing financial ratios.

If a consultant facilitates study groups, the business intelligence may become proprietary to the facilitator and/or the groups members depending on your groups agreement. If a facilitator and study group choose to use the CleverQ web dashboard for their study group platform to benchmark company performance to aggregate data, all advice and indicators created for the group by the facilitator are protected from any other use other than the facilitator & it’s group members.

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