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Dashboard Software

Click on links to see many predifined KPI examples included with CleverQ Analytic dashboard software and get your company started with metrics reporting out of the box.

Although the KPI samples are designed for use with QuickBooks dashboards, they can be used with other data sources by simply re-mapping the parameters to another data source. Use the predefined dashboards and reports, modify them, remove them, customize them, and/or build your own to fully customize your dasboards to meet your needs.

CleverQ gives you the tools to connect to your data and build unlimited dashboards, scorecards and reports for Finance, Operations, Sales, Management, Performance, Payables, Receivables, and nearly any other set of business metrics reporting.

Simply put, CleverQ Live Dashboards are Smarter! Read the Blog: "Top 10 Dashboard Software Considerations". Live KPI Dashboards have interactive drill downs where as a  static dashboards such as a pdf dashboard is basically "you get what you see - no drill downs."

CleverQ live dashboard drilldowns from any gauge:

  • Graph with historical Trend Line
  • Graph compared with previous period
  • Graph with benchmarks and ranges
  • Detail which can be exported to Excel
  • Detailed report
  • Scorecard reports
  • Training Facilitator with conditional business tips & advice to user
  • The Enterprise Portal opens additional drilldowns to other relative data to the specific KPI gauge
    • Open reports
    • Open other Dashboards
    • Open other Gauges
    • Open files and programs
    • Open web pages

KPI reports are static reports that can be generated using the report manager.

  • KPI Metrics Reporting
  • Scorecard reports