Custom Dashboard Software

Create nearly any type of dashboard imaginable to measure the key performance indicators of your choice.

Drill down from interactive dashboards to:

  • Graphs to show trends
  • Graphs with ranges
  • Graphs compared to previous periods
  • Conditional advice relative to the range of the indicator
  • Values
  • Other Dashboards
  • Other Gauges
  • Reports
  • Scorecards
  • Excel Spreadsheets or other files
  • Web pages


Performance Scorecards and Dashboards

  • Manufacturer performance
  • Brand performance
  • Technician Performance
  • Salesperson performance
  • Department performance
  • Financial performance
  • Inventory analysis
  • Seasonality forecasting
  • Web Access to performance Dashboards
  • Industry benchmarking available
  • Study Group Web Platform Available



Management Reports


  • Manufacturer report cards to review performance with representatives
  • Brand analysis to make better decisions for product mix & shelf space
  • Technician Scorecards to review performance and compensation with employees
  • Salesperson scorecards to help identify performers and opportunities
  • Performance indicators identify department strengths and weaknesses
  • Company financials simplified to "At-a-Glance"
  • Inventory analysis to maximize top performers and eliminate dead inventory
  • Seasonality trends and forecasting simplifies planning for success
  • Scheduled performance reports sent e-mail automatically to key personal