CleverQ Testimonials

Greg Klebon - Coral Gables, Fl wrote: "The reason ProTranslating decided to implement CleverQ was to run automated reports on a regular basis for the shareholders, directors, and managers in our company who wanted to see key metrics taken live from QuickBooks without having to log into QuickBooks daily to manually pull the reports. Now, every morning when they open their email, the reports are attached in PDF format. We can keep a close eye on sales, the balance sheet, profitability, trends in profitability, and every other report imaginable. This has helped us on several occasions address declining profitability in key departments. CleverQ has saved us time in preparing reports and provides them much sooner than if we had to run them manually. We chose CleverQ among several other dashboard-oriented reporting systems because it is highly customizable, fully automated, and the customer service is superior. In addition to the out-of-the-box solution, we continue to add more customized reports and dashboards as needed. We even mapped an extraction from an Excel file to report on cash flows. We also added gross profit margin charts by department by month to make sure we stay on track with our COGS. CleverQ has been a successful implementation for our company, and it has provided for us exactly what we were looking for. Surprisingly, I could not find another software program that provides what CleverQ provides."

Gregory Klebon

Director of Finance

Pro Translating


Wouter Feenstra - Lincoln, RI wrote: “CleverQ Analytics and Dashboard Software is a must for any business! What a cliché but if you have software and if you want to know how you are doing real-time, the Dashboard is the way to go. As an accountant, I pride myself in month-end closings and in getting the financials out three days after month end – this is great – but it is the past and too late to respond. With CleverQ you have the information live and can react to situations as they occur – this minimizes additional cost. (CleverQ)... has created a product that will help you make timely decisions and actually see the results!”

Wouter Feenstra


Dealership Software


Chuck Marzahn - Virginia Beach, VA wrote: CleverQ Analytic Dashboard and Reporting software has “done some ground-breaking work ... I look for it to revolutionize the way many companies look at financial data. It's easy to use and easy to understand. As the former owner of a business, (CleverQ)... has integrated much of the information wanted at (your) fingertips. That information would be missing or hard to access in computer management systems that don't have CleverQ.”

Chuck Marzahn


Marzahn and King


Larry Kasevich - The Villages, FL wrote: “Robert's (Owner/Developer) experience as a business owner, manager, entrepreneur, trainer and consultant makes him a expert at helping other business succeed and be profitable. His recent achievement to bring a product line called "CleverQ" into the marketplace, shows his vision and expertise on a variety of analytical methods to improve and manage a business.”

Larry Kasevich

Owner/Sr Consultant

Kaz Consulting


Nicole Pigeon from Charlotte, NC says:

“Thanks for all of your help and expertise. In all of the companies I’ve dealt with, you have provided the best customer service by far!”

Accounting Specialist, Delta V Forensic Engineering


Sergie from Sanford, FL says:

"Your software, ideas and willingness to help us in this consulting process is truly genuine."

CEO & Consultant, Caveat Group


Eugene from Camarillo, CA says:

"The CleverQ software is very easy to use and gives you a new view of how well your company is really doing. Great software and worth every dollar."

Owner, Expert Data Solutions


 Bill Klein says:

"It is nice to know that there is someone who understands business and accounting and know QuickBooks Software. This has been needed for a long time"

CPA, Potter & Brant, P.L.C.