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CleverQ v1.55

Posted by Robert Trupe

CleverQ Release


The following enhancements have been added to the CleverQ analytics software v1.55. Many improvements are for use with QuickBooks dashboard application. QuickBooks is a registered trademark of Intuit.

  • Added new Vertical 2 Bar Gauge. Vertical 2 bar gaugeThis meter is used to show two indicators. A single range is shown on the left for both bars so both indicators must have the same min and max values. The min and max values are displayed on the bottom and top of the bar. Nine intermediate values are calculated and displayed between the min and max values. A colored bar is drawn to indicate the value of each indicator. A dotted line shows the median value. The bar can take on as many as three colors. Colors are drawn based on the ranges. The actual value is displayed on the bottom of the bar and to the left the units. If the value is out of range, an out of range message will be displayed. A tip icon appears in the top right to indicate some advice is available based on the range the value is in.
  • Added * wildcard on filters when viewing extracted data.
  • Allow 30 day trial customers to get updates
  • Resized Navigator to fit in 1024x768
  • Add options for using filters on QuickBooks reports: Payroll Summary, Sales by Items Summary,
  • Inventory Evaluation. If a filter is specified, both the unfiltered and filtered reports will be extracted.
  • Add filter to Sales by Rep Summary
  • Added additional errorhandling for extracting QuickBooks data
  • Added Properties button on Pivot Charts in lieu of right-mousing clicking for runtime version. Button is always there for convienience.
  • Added new QuickBooks Report Extractions (Some with Filters):
  • P & L Budget Overview by Account
  • Sales by Item by Rep Summary
  • Sales by Customer Summary
  • Open Sales Orders by Item
  • Open Sales Orders by Rep
  • Open Sales Orders by Item by Rep
  • Inventory Stock Status
  • Added filters for QB Report Extractions: Profit & Loss, A/P Aging, A/R Aging

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