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QuickBooks Silver DeveloperData Source Integration

CleverQ® software empowers integration of multiple data sources and quickly delivers simplified business intelligence into easy-to-understand dashboards, scorecards & reports. Built-in data extractors facilitate and automate collaboration of data from multiple QuickBooks® files & reports, Excel® spreadsheets, the World Wide Web, & ODBC compliant data bases.

Multi-Company license is perfect for franchises, consultants, multi-locations. Consolidate multiple QuickBooks® company files from any mixed versions of QuickBooks® into one data base, or individual data bases. Fully customizable dashboards and reports can be built for individual companies and/or combined with totaling for aggregate reports and dashboards. Drill down from cutting edge dashboards and gauges to graphs, details or custom reports.

CleverQ goes beyond typical dashboard software which simply plot data and do simple math in "calculated fields." CleverQ includes built-in ACE technology to formulate nearly any metric desired. ACE can even calculate formulas on nested formulas; use the results of calculated fields in formulas, or using data which ACE is forecasting or calculating in other formulas.

Seasonality Forecasting

Additionally, ACETM  technology provides insight into business with predictive analytics. Seasonal trend analysis calculates seasonality trends from any historical monthly data. Advance forecasting tools produce seasonally adjusted forecasts using best fit synopsis. Forecasted data (e.g., forecasted COGS) can further be used to calculate other metrics such as desired inventory levels. Normalize or seasonally adjust and data to further simplify or use in benchmarking.

Dashboard Analytics 

ACETM  further identifies problem KPI (Key Performance Indicators) quickly with Business Alerts like colored ranges, desired ranges, emoticons, benchmarking and filtered reporting. Visual graphs and gauges help make monitoring performance as easy viewing the dashboard of a car. Drill down on gauges to see graphs, identify trends, view data, and export if wished for further analysis.

Respond to changes in near real time. At-A-Glance monitor; expense ratios, employee performance, inventory analysis, forecasting, business trends and other metrics which can't be found in QuickBooks and aren't provided by accountants. CleverQ saves wasted time of building countless spreadsheets by automating dashboards, scorecards & reports. Compare actual data with budget or forecasted data. View filterable dashboards with filterable indicators by account, Item, Rep, Customer, Vendor, Employee, Class, or any other defined filter.

Securely share data that can be accessed and analyzed by the organization. User permissions ensure the right people see the right information. Eliminate the need for multiple user access to QuickBooks.

CleverQ Advice Facilitator tm provides a built-in intranet to your share proprietary business intelligence with the end user at a click of the mouse. Define your tips & training in ACE, and the Advice Facilitator

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